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                            Welcome to the coaching section.

If you are a new bowler or need to brush up on your skills then you may find the following of help.

If your Coaching to date has been like this,

"Put the mat here, throw the jack down the centre line, pick up the bowl - hold it as best you can -and allowing for a bend in its course, roll it to the jack, kitty, kate, or what have you... Good! That's not bad. Okay we play on Thursday (Wednesday or Tuesday), come along next week (in your newly acquired uniform) and we'll give you a game."  (Thelma Sexton, Queensland, Australia)

Then you will find that the site links below will offer you the chance to while away the winter months and maybe learn something worthwhile!

Below is Rod Judson’s Lawn Bowls Coaching in Queensland, Australia, well worth the read. It has been updated and should be on everyone’s ‘must read’ list.

Lawn Bowls Coaching

Lawn Bowls Coaching for Players and Coaches by Robert Huddle M.Ed(Physical Education)


Welcome to Performance Lawn Bowls - Another approach to Coaching.

Performance Lawn Bowls

These links will open up more ideas to try. Courtesy of NSW Bowls.

Angles of the Green
Bowls Fun Activity Guide
Purposeful Practice

The Irish Bowls Coaches Associaition will conduct coaching sessions in May and June at the following greens - Ward Park, Portadown, Markethill, Newry, Warrenpoint, Knock, NICS, PSNI, Ormeau, Lisburn, Banbridge, Belmont, Curran, Pickie, Forthriver, Musgrave, Shaftesbury, Ulster Transport, Ballymena, Donaghadee, Belfast and Crawfordsburn.